D & A Education

DandAAt D&A Education our team is passionate about what they do and  helping others to be successful. We enjoy guiding others to find the right information and to demonstrate the right skills required for their career and work.   We encourage the importance to provide quality with whatever you do or decide to do, this is why we are proud of the quality of our courses and services. We believe that it is important to keep up to date with what is changing in our field and in the world. Being flexible to changes and to think outside the box to incorporate the changes the best way in our work, with our learners and with the companies that we are working with as well.  D&A Education is proud to build good professional relationships with staff, managers, companies and everyone that we are meeting during our journey. We work hard to achieve the goals.   We deliver and design specialized courses you feel you need to suit your staff/business, just give us your topics and we will do the rest. We train in many subjects, for example first aid, food and hygiene, care certificates, health and safety and others. We also offer a consultation service and  train a trainer.